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CONTRIBUTING.md should include (or point to) a suggested git workflow



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      Not everyone is wizard-level with git.  Nor with Github.  And even for those of us who have a working familiarity with the basics find that different multi-contributor projects have (rightly) different workflows.

      This suggestion is primarily for the benefit of us outside the core CFEngine team who might occasionally want to contribute bugfixes, etc. to you via git.

      It would be very useful if CONTRIBUTING.md could have a short section (or reference another document) which briefly outlines the recommended git workflow, covering:

      • core repository https://github.com/cfengine/core
      • the fork of that I would need to make
      • my own git clone
      • what initially clones from where
      • how I might push changes to where
      • how I might keep my git clone (and own fork?) in step with the core

      For instance, I suspect that my own github fork and local repo got off to a bad start in this regard.  And now that the libntech submodule has appeared (and how many git users know about submodules, let alone have comfortable working experience of them?) this has got even more head-scratching for us.

      So a brief suggested workflow for us external contributors would be very useful!




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