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Create Termux Packages for core



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      Already in progress. Using https://github.com/termux/termux-packages to create a termux package for core cfengine.

      I have many questions which I'd like to hash out as far as ease-of-use/design. Also related to CFE-3286 , make cfengine useful in termux.

      I'm going to just brain-dump here. Anyone (especially Nick Anderson maybe, please edit/adjust/add)


      To Decide/Discuss:

      • [x] self hosted policy? (allow loopback bootstrap)
        include as a command line option/override
      • [x] bootstrap to server,
      • [DEFER] how to deal with connectivity in/out associated with mobile
      • [RUNS] cf-serverd, probably not right? What would it be used for if self-hosted policy?
      • [RUNS] cf-execd, cron or some other means that is "standard" for termux
      • [RUNS] cf-monitord
      • [x] how to ease-of-use the install? =pkg install cfengine= should "just work" in some fashion
      • [MANUAL] how/when to bootstrap?
        should probably be a separate step done manually
      • [x] =pkg install cfengine-masterfiles= right? How does debian handle it? CFE-3288 talks about adjusting MPF for android/termux non-priv use (NO: core+masterfiles package)
      • [DEFER] non-priv versus root-priv packages?!
      • [DEFER] enterprise packages
      • [N] HUB packages? Why?
      • [N] quickstart script?
      • [N] cfengine hosted .debs? ENT-4005


        1. cfengine-3.12.0-1_termux_aarch64.tgz
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        2. cfengine-3.12.0-1_termux_arm.tgz
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        3. cfengine-3.12.0-1_termux_i686.tgz
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        4. cpuinfo.txt
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        5. debug.txt
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          Screenshot 2018-10-29 at 10.52.33 AM.png
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