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package module API: cf-agent uses default_options instead of options



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.15.2
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    • Component/s: cf-agent
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      I've modified the FreeBSD 'pkg' package module for allowing installing
      packages inside jails using the options attribute, but the integration
      with cfengine doesn't work because the promise-provided options aren't
      always passed to the package module.

      This is the script of the actions performed by cfengine while trying to
      install a fictional test-pkg package:

      CMD: supports-api-version

      CMD: get-package-data
      INPUT: options=package options (promise)
      INPUT: File=test-pkg

      CMD: list-installed
      INPUT: options=default options (body package_module)

      CMD: list-updates
      INPUT: options=default options (body package_module)

      CMD: repo-install
      INPUT: options=package options (promise)
      INPUT: Name=test-pkg

      CMD: list-installed
      INPUT: options=package options (promise)

      CMD: list-updates-local
      INPUT: options=package options (promise)


      During the first invocation of list-installed/list-updates, the options
      passed are the default ones from the package module body, not the ones
      provided within the promise.

      From https://docs.cfengine.com/docs/3.15/reference-package_modules.html :

      All the API commands listed below, except supports-api-version, support the options attribute. This attribute will contain the contents from the options attribute in the promise, or the default_options in the package module body, if the former is unspecified.

      If I've read it correctly, it should always use the options attribute if provided, not hte default_options.

      Also, if I have understood it correctly, this should be the cause also for CFE-2959 :

      The reason for this is simple: CFEngine caches its list of available software updates as part of system discovery. This system discovery does not use the "enablerepo" option.


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