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Disable implicit actions in standard_services when systemd is used




      standard_services implicitly triggers the actions enable/disable when one requests a service to start/stop respectively and systemd is used. I believe the bundle this is wrong because the bundle is applying a promise that it was not asked to keep and it should rather leave alone what the behaviour at boot should be.

      On July 3rd I wrote to the help mailing list a message with subject "standard_services not idempotent on Linux with systemd?". Out from that discussions came tickets and improvements that landed in the masterfiles 3.15.3 – I understand from the Changelog we are talking about CFE-3367, ENT-6073, ENT-6074. I don't have access to ENT files, so I can only confirm that the CFE ticket is pertinent.

      However implicit side effects were not removed and they are still present in masterfiles 3.17.0.

      In that thread I wrote:

      start/stop implicitly trigger enable/disable respectively; I can understand where this comes from, but I'd rather like the promises do what they mean and not have any implicit side effect: start must mean start, not start and enable; if I want to start and enable, I'd rather promise both things explicitly.

      I haven't changed my mind and I still think that there should not be implicit side effects: CFEngine should try to keep the promises it is asked to keep, nothing more and nothing less, and hence that this is a bug.




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