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Application onboarding improvements



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.0
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      Suggested improvements for 2.1.0 Application update onboarding flow (after the beta):

      • Give the demo Artifact a description, some information about what the app does (for client team?)
      • After the first pending device appears, the 'waiting' button remains disabled. It should allow the user to continue
      • Align the 'Cancel' buttons to left side of dialogs (Manuel - https://github.com/mendersoftware/gui/pull/482)
      • After accepting the first device, add a tooltip so user knows to navigate to device groups (or just do it automatically)
      • 'Create deployment with release' button style is inconsistent with other buttons (Manuel - https://github.com/mendersoftware/gui/pull/482)
      • When deployment has finished, add a tooltip (or auto redirect) to 'finished' deployments
      • 'Success' Snackbar disappears too quickly after first deployment
      • For creating new artifact from demo app: provide a link to .tar instead of .mender?
      • Increase text spacing in 'creating Artifact' instructions

      From Kristian:

      • Up script does not accept client argument (Kristian)
      • After accepting the virtual device, I was left on the Pending tab with no visual indication of where to go next
      • After the first deployment is done, I was left on the Active Deployments tab with no visual indication of where to go next
      • On the device index.html page, "Back to Mender GUI" goes straight to Hosted Mender, even if coming from onprem Mender (Manuel, in progress, depends on https://github.com/mendersoftware/gui/pull/482)
      • When the "Create new artifact" page appears (the "wall of text"), its link to index.html is using the original, and wrong, address (Manuel - https://github.com/mendersoftware/gui/pull/482)
      • When saving the index.html, the offered save filename is localhost.html, not index.html. Is it because of the page title?
      • Instructions for what to change inside index.html are not very clear. What exactly should be changed inside the file?
        • It would perhaps be better to have something like "locate section containing BLAH, and then change that"
      • The expression for creating the artifact doesn't work, because one cannot both define and use a variable in the same command line. Separating the assignments with ';' should work, as then they become statements of their own (Manuel - https://github.com/mendersoftware/gui/pull/482)
      • Strange truncated sentence in the last tooltip: "and then..." (see screenshot)
      • In the final tooltip, the links should open new tabs, not replace the tab that hosts the UI (https://github.com/mendersoftware/gui/pull/482)
      • In the final tooltip, the link to mender-docs should either use versionless link, or link to INTEGRATION_VERSION
      • When using virtual device: "Waiting for device" never finishes if the device is already in the pending state before the "Next" button is pressed

      From Lluis:

      • Link to debian packages are wrong (Lluis - fixed)
      • Instructions for setting up physical boards are wrong (Lluis  - fixed)
        • Make sure instructions match what is in mender-docs
      • When connecting a device, I can click on "Next" without selecting any device type. Should we force a selection? - (forced from https://github.com/mendersoftware/gui/pull/482 on)
      • The original demo artifact has all device types (raspberrypi, beaglebone, qemu, ...) while the modified one only has the selected device type (i.e. only raspberrypi). Should we have all the devices types in the modified one? (was intentional to show it reacts to user input, Manuel)

      Those that are in bold are considered blockers




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