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Automatic bootstrap artifact



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      The motivation behind this epic is to have a way to populate the mender client database when it is first initialized, since it is difficult to update the binary database from the build. Among other things, this enables delta updates to be performed using the very first update, instead of needing to do one rootfs update first to populate the artifact_provides attributes.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • When starting, Mender client looks for a special artifact, /var/lib/mender/bootstrap.mender, and installs it if present
      • Artifact is deleted after being installed
      • Signature support must be disabled while installing this particular artifact
        • This is to save the user from signing an artifact that he didn't ask for. It is an implementation detail from our side
        • Make sure it only applies to the exact location /var/lib/mender/bootstrap.mender (possibly with symlinks), and nowhere else
      • In a default Yocto build, artifact contains:
        • The name of the initial currently installed artifact name (previously stored in /etc/mender/artifact_info
        • Any artifact_provides attributes that the initial install should have
      • Drop support for /etc/mender/artifact_info
      • Remove /etc/mender/artifact_info from Yocto build
      • Update Mender Hub article and docs that mention this as a limitation with which version does not have the limitation (Mender versions before XYZ need a full...)

      Feature branch: automatic_bootstrap_artifact


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