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Unify virtual client provisioning



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      Mender supports a virtual client using the docker image mendersoftware/mender-client-qemu:latest (NB! It still seems to be 2.0.1 – is this being updated?).

      During onboarding there is an option to use a virtual client. The instructions are different based on the installation type:

      • Hosted Mender: uses docker run with the right tenant token
      • Mender Open Source: tells the user to go to the "integration" directory and run a script to bring up the client
      • Mender Enterprise: uses docker run with the Mender Enterprise token but Hosted Mender URL and does not take the certificate into account – this does not work obviously (tracked in MEN-2854)

      So there is a bug in the Mender Enterprise onboarding in general, but in order to support a virtual Mender Enterprise onboarding some changes looks to be needed. It would also make it easier for both users and us if there was just one way to start the virtual client.

      User value (why)

      • Easier to start a Mender virtual client, regardless of server edition

      Acceptance criteria

      • In onboarding, the virtual client started the same way regardless of server edition (e.g. docker run..)
      • It is possible to supply server.crt when starting the virtual client (required for Mender Enterprise / production installations), e.g. as a string
      • Onboarding in all editions fills out the correct settings for the server configuration which can be copied and pasted directly: Please verify all:
        • Hosted (Mender Professional/Enterprise plans)
        • Open Source demo
        • Enterprise demo
        • Open Source production
        • Enterprise production
      • Any system that has docker installed can run the virtual client with the pasted instructions

      Since this work will span multiple repositories and many changes depend on each other to not break the product:

      Feature branch in all repositories: unified_onboarding


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