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      To easily evaluate all the use cases around Mender (system update, app update, server setup, etc.) we need a reference environment. Currently Raspberry Pi + Raspbian is the most common development board to do so.

      The workflow for the user is that he:

      1. Downloads and flashes image
      2. Configures using normal Raspbian approach
      3. After main use case is validated (user's app), user calls mender setup to enable Mender

      User value (why)

      • Quickly verify use cases supported by Mender
      • For some users, have a starting point environment for Pilot and maybe even production

      Acceptance criteria

      • There are downloadable Raspbian-based images in our download section that have been pre-converted to dual rootfs images with mender-convert
      • Onboarding is updated to use this image as the main journey (stating if they have Raspberry Pi).
      • Mender Hub posts about Raspbian are updated to reference the images
      • Mender is installed in the images, but not configured
      • Mender can be configured by calling mender setup
      • Mender can be configured for hosted Mender by following onboarding and getting started with a copy & paste command
      • There is a plan in place for following Raspbian releases. Suggestions are (but are not limited to):
        • Each time we make a release we update using the latest Raspbian
        • Each time Raspbian makes a release we update using the latest Mender
      • There is an item in release checklist to verify the images are published and to update Mender Hub articles


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