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Unable to start on-premise demo server per "Getting Started" instructions



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      Ubuntu 18.04 amd64
      Debian Stretch amd64
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      We're attempting to use Mender for a project. Tried following the demo steps outlined lead to no failures, however it does not function. As noted in environment, the below was tested on both Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian Stretch.

      Following the instructions starting here: https://docs.mender.io/2.2/getting-started/on-premise-installation

      I've installed the latest Docker Engine - Community and Docker Compose as linked to in the manual, that is, Docker CE 19.03 and Compose 1.25. Note that the specified version of Docker CE as 17.03 is not viable in Debian Stretch due to conflicts, and no longer exists in Ubuntu 18.04. Using Compose 1.6 causes some other runtime error when starting the demo script.

      Using integration.git, 2.2.1, and starting the demo server, the following occurs:

      ./demo up
      Pulling mender-gui           ... done 
      Pulling mender-mongo         ... done 
      Pulling mender-useradm       ... done 
      Pulling mender-inventory     ... done 
      Pulling mender-deployments   ... done 
      Pulling mender-elasticsearch ... done 
      Pulling mender-redis         ... done 
      Pulling mender-conductor     ... done 
      Pulling mender-device-auth   ... done 
      Pulling mender-api-gateway   ... done 
      Starting the Mender demo environment... 
      Creating network "integration221_mender" with the default driver 
      Pulling minio (minio/minio:RELEASE.2018-09-25T21-34-43Z)... 
      RELEASE.2018-09-25T21-34-43Z: Pulling from minio/minio 
      c67f3896b22c: Pull complete 
      28537c0b7408: Pull complete 
      57b9c24c4fa7: Pull complete 
      Digest: sha256:635d93e85eaf126ac855ed1287b0eedaf0c041e63b010eeb1fc82daada9bdcb0 
      Status: Downloaded newer image for minio/minio:RELEASE.2018-09-25T21-34-43Z 
      Pulling storage-proxy (openresty/openresty: Pulling from openresty/openresty 
      ff3a5c916c92: Already exists 
      ede0a2a1012b: Already exists 
      0e0a11843023: Already exists 
      246b2c6f4992: Already exists 
      Digest: sha256:23ff32a1e7d5a10824ab44b24a0daf86c2df1426defe8b162d8376079a548bf2 
      Status: Downloaded newer image for openresty/openresty: 
      Creating integration221_minio_1                ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-elasticsearch_1 ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-redis_1         ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-mongo_1         ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-gui_1           ... done 
      Creating integration221_storage-proxy_1        ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-useradm_1       ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-inventory_1     ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-deployments_1   ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-conductor_1     ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-device-auth_1   ... done 
      Creating integration221_mender-api-gateway_1   ... done 
      It does not seem the useradm service is up and running yet. Retrying... 
      It does not seem the useradm service is up and running yet. Retrying... 
      It does not seem the useradm service is up and running yet. Retrying... 
      It does not seem the useradm service is up and running yet. Retrying... 
      It does not seem the useradm service is up and running yet. Retrying... 
      It does not seem the useradm service is up and running yet. Retrying... 
      Retried 5 times without success. Giving up.


      Running './demo down' and './demo up' at this point repeats the same "Creating..." lines followed by the same "useradm" error. There is no web server running on localhost:80 or :443. And, while there appears something is running on :8080, it is not anything like the documentation describe it.

      Attempting to view logs as outlined in the Troubleshooting section (https://docs.mender.io/2.2/troubleshooting/mender-server) results in no usable output:


      $ ./demo --client logs mender-client}}

      -- enabling client container
      Attaching to  


      I've also found that the README in integration.git not only lists different Docker Engine and Docker Compose requirements, but also the Engine requirement of version "1.10" is not a Docker Engine - Community package and appears to be an older Docker Engine release.

      I've verified all permissions, tested under both Ubuntu and Debian as I've said. I'm not sure what else I am missing at this point other than these instructions and/or the demo script are incorrect somehow. How exactly do I set up a viable demo server?


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