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Implement clears_artifact_provides field in mender-artifact




      Acceptance criteria:

      • Add the new field clears_artifact_provides to the type-info section of payloads
      • The key shall accept a list of string values, nothing else
      • When writing rootfs-image artifacts, by default they contain these entries:
        • "rootfs-image.*"
        • "rootfs_image_checksum" (For backwards compatibility reasons, if we had known it advance we would have called it rootfs-image.checksum instead, which would be covered by the previous entry)
        • "artifact_group"
        • If --software-name is given, then only one entry must be included as the default: "rootfs-image.NAME.*". The checksum should be omitted in this case.
        • If --software-filesystem is given, then only FS.* must be included in the default, where FS is the supplied value. The checksum should be omitted in this case.
      • When writing module-image artifacts, by default they contain one single entry:
        • "rootfs-image.MODULE.*", where MODULE is the payload type
        • If --software-name is given, then replace MODULE with the name given
        • If --software-filesystem is given, then replace rootfs-image with the value given
      • There is an option, --clears-provides (no short flag, this is only expected to be used by generator scripts), to add more entries to the list
      • There is an option, --no-default-clears-provides, to prevent the inclusion of the default entries
      • If --no-default-software-version is passed (part of MEN-3076 and MEN-3077), then there also should be no default entries.
      • After assembling all the entries, if the list is empty, it must not be included at all in the Artifact (to enable compatibility with old parsers)
        • This must have a test
      • There must be a private API for the client and for deployments to fetch the field

      Feature branch name: feature-partial_updates


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