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Design UI for displaying software names and versions




      Acceptance criteria:

      • Design UI for the points below
      • Given the string FILESYSTEM.[APP_NAME.]version (example rootfs-image.myapp.version), this needs to be displayed in the UI in several contexts:
        • As inventory data per device
        • As software provided by artifacts
          • Grouping it under one Release may be preferable for usability reasons. It will probably be very common to have identical artifact_provides for the same release. It is not guaranteed however, so take that into account
      • APP_NAME is optional, if missing it refers to the version of the whole filesystem
      • If APP_NAME is present it refers to a version of a specific software component with that name
        • It is allowed to have the same APP_NAME under multiple FILESYSTEMs. Unlikely for custom apps, but can happen when using the default name, which is the name of the Update Module
      • We should probably show other artifact_provides that do not end with .version in Artifact details, but these can be much less prevalent
        • They are useful for digging into checksums of artifacts though (for mender-binary-delta)
      • The pre-existing artifact_name should visually be demoted to "last installed Artifact" rather than "currently installed software".


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