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Send inventory data when transitioning from 'Unauthorized' to 'Idle' state



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      Today the inventory interval times does not seems to be related to state, and is relative to when the Mender client is started?.

      If we take take following example:

      1. Mender client is in "Unauthorized" state
      2. Mender client is configured to send inventory data every 2 hours
      3. Mender client gets authorized on the server and transitions to Idle state
      4. Today it would take up to 2 hours before your get your first inventory push from the client

      This is not optimal UX when working with smaller scale of production devices. This will also cause "lag" when using dynamic groups/deployments as it is based on inventory data.

      Alternatives to work around this today are:

      1. Decrease polling intervals on production devices
      2. Utilize state-scripts to run "mender -send-inventory", e.g in Idle_Enter. But the problem here is that there is no record of the previous state, so you would do an "mender -send-inventory" on each state transition to "Idle". Even from e.g "Sync" which would sync up the polling for update interval with inventory intervals even if they are different in the configuration.

      It might be possible to create custom tracking of previous state etc, by utilizing state-scripts and files, but this is an universal feature and is better suited in the Mender client.

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. Mender client sends inventory data to the Mender server on transition: Unauthorized -> Idle




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