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Grouping UI improvements



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      I discovered some potential stumbling blocks with the grouping UI now that we introduced dynamic groups:

      • It says "Create a group" in Devices at the bottom. As a new user I would assume this is where any type of group is created. However, it can only create static groups (without stating this explicitly)
      • There is a help page about Devices and groups linked from the "Create a group" dialogue which is great. However it seems a bit cryptic, it explains more how the implementation works and attributes, rather than why someone would use different types of groups and how to create them. Maybe rather link to the docs or at least update this based on what is in the docs? There is documentation about this under Deployments (https://docs.mender.io/development/architecture/deployments) in master now, but I plan to split Device groups into its own. But at least this one seems more clear to me.
      • Selecting devices when creating a new static group is really cumbersome (this is not new). If you go to "Create a group" -> Input name of group you are taken to an unsorted list of all devices where you can check some of them. Only Device ID and device type is shown. How can I find the devices I am looking for if I have 100 or more of them total? Would suggest at least filter on inventory or ID here, or remove this way of creating groups altogether.
      • When creating a new static group it says that devices will be removed from any other groups. However this is not true if you have other dynamic groups. Would just remove this dialog box now.
      • When filtering (e.g. to create a static or dynamic group) the UI updates immediately as characters are typed. This means that the result will be empty until the user finish writing the whole filter (if equals is selected, which is the default, most common and only thing in the lower plans). Would suggest to not apply the filter until the user has fully typed (e.g. Apply button or deselects the input field).

      General suggestions:

      • Remove the flow "Create a group", rather always rely on using filters to create both kinds of groups
      • Adjust filtering to not remove devices as the user is typing each character
      • Go through dialogue boxes and help text for grouping to make sure it's written more for the users perspective


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