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docker-compose: Server generation support



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      Containers are continuing to gain more traction in IoT, for the same reasons as they became popular in cloud (decoupling). Deploying containers is now an expected use case for an OTA update manager like Mender too. We already have a docker Update Module, which is also part of Get started however few are working directly with docker when deploying applications (e.g. due to complex net configs, etc.). It also does not (re)start the container being deployed (while we do restart the system when doing a system update).

      There are many technologies to run containers however docker-compose still seems to be the most popular even in IoT, likely because it is being used so much on development workstations and thus is familiar.

      This is the second iteration, after the docker-compose Update Module (MEN-3984).

      User value (why)

      • Use the same solution (Mender) for system and application updates
      • Easy way to use containers with Mender

      Acceptance criteria

      • The containers are stored on persistent storage in the RPi onboarding environment, so that system updates can be made independently of container application updates (e.g add support to mender-convert and build new image)
      • A docker-compose file can be uploaded to Mender server directly (server side Artifact generation), in which case this Update Module is used
      • Get started section on containers is updated to use this new way to work with containers
      • mender-cli supports uploading docker-compose files directly to the Mender server (for server-side Artifact generation), so it can easily be integrated into CI systems

      Feature branch: feature-docker-compose-um


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