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App Updates i1: easy combined full system and application updates




      Mender shines with full system updates. However, support for application updates is in the form of building blocks the users need to combine to implement their specific use-cases. This epic's goal is improving the Mender support for scenarios where full system and application updates are combined and coexist on the same device.

      The majority of the users are interested in combining full system updates (e.g., to fix security issues in the underlying operating system) and application updates (e.g., application software running on the device). As these updates have different schedules (full system updates every 2-3 months, application updates potentially multiple times per day), but have a totally different footprint on the device (full system updates require more data transfer and a full reboot, while application updates are smaller and less intrusive), users can maximize the value they get from Mender combining them.

      User value:

      • Optimize downtime and data transfer selecting using the right update type
      • Ready-to-use, battle-tested partitioning layout and configuration for the devices
      • Decrease time-to-value

      Acceptance criteria:

      • All Mender-enabled images (Mender Convert) should be configured to accept full system updates and application updates; how to implement this is still under discussion (dedicated partition for applications, or installing the applications in the data partition). The final goal is being able to update the operating system and the applications independently from each other.
      • Versioning of the operating system and the applications should not collide. The user can identify at any time which operating system version  (rootfs) and which applications (more than one) are running.
      • Comprehensive documentation is available to users to understand how combined full system and application updates coexist in Mender, and what are the best practices we suggest to achieve them.

      Stretch goals:

      • It is possible to get/view the version history for the rootfs and the different applications installed on the device.
      • It is possible to use binary delta updates with application updates.




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